Personal Trainer Certification Programs

NPTI of Sacramento

As America becomes increasingly aware of the relationship between physical fitness and one’s long-term health, there is a growing need for further knowledge and understanding of fitness. Thus, the importance of personal training and demand for professionals with their personal trainer certification are increasing.

Personal training courses from the National Personal Training Institute will prepare you for a successful career. NPTI is a personal training school that will give you the education, skills and insight to become a respected professional. As a top-notch educator, we can help you develop your passion for health and fitness into a rewarding career. Graduates receiving their certification from NPTI are capable of becoming some of the best professionals in their field of expertise.

Get In Shape Through Personal Training Programs

Our innovative and comprehensive personal training program is designed to give you the skills to become a successful personal trainer. Our program includes 300 hours of classroom instruction plus 200 hours of supervised, hands-on gym time. This is a great opportunity to get in shape and see the results of our training techniques on your own body! This training also will prepare you to sit for an exam for your fitness trainer certification.

Become a Personal Trainer in 6 Months at a Location Near You

  • Day, evening, and weekend class schedules will fit your busy schedule.
  • Financial assistance is offered to those who qualify.
  • FREE Nationwide Job placement assistance for all graduates.
  • FREE ongoing consultation with nutritionists and fitness experts.

NPTI Graduates Will Be Eligible For Two Credentials:

  • Diploma in Personal Training. This personal fitness trainer certification requires no upkeep of Continuing Education Courses (CEC’s) and never needs to be renewed. Your diploma in personal training will be good for life! Many in the fitness industry deem this to be the highest level of personal training education one can receive.
  • NASM-CPT Certification: If you choose to further your main NPTI credential, you will be eligible to sit for the NASM-CPT Certification (National Academy of Sports Medicine). The National Personal Training Institute is NASM’s largest academic partner in North America. The NASM Certification combined with a State Diploma will prepare you to be one of the most qualified personal trainers in the industry.

NASM and the University of North Carolina (UNC) have collaborated for years and have formed the NASM Research Institute at UNC. The Institute is responsible for scientifically investigating, researching and testing in the following areas of the Sports Medicine field: Fitness, Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise, Special Populations, Nutrition, Behavior Modification. Your NPTI experience will allow you to have mastered both the latest and long-term trends in the fitness industry.

With Your Personal Trainer Certification, You’re Qualified To:

Practice as a personal fitness trainer in health clubs, vacation resorts, spas, private practices, fitness centers, corporate programs, hotels, country clubs, cruise ships, and with athletic teams.

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