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Custom Built Personal Training

State: AR
Job Details:

Custom Built Personal Training provides the very best opportunity for those seeking a long-term, lucrative and secure career in the fitness industry.

Because of our unparalleled ability to maximize both personal training revenue and service (currently, Custom Built Personal Training averages nearly $40,000 per month per club in personal training sales, with some clubs selling between $80,000 and $100,000 per month), and our relationships within the fitness industry, the available growth opportunities for Custom Built Personal Training are staggering – we estimate that Custom Built Personal Training will provide personal training services to 300 to 500 health clubs over the next decade.

Custom Built’s potential growth and status as a national company provides unrivaled opportunity for those who seek a career with upward mobility. In combination with a pay scale that clearly exceeds other training companies, we invite you to begin your new career today and apply online with Custom Built Personal Training. The primary entry-level positions available are Personal Trainer and General Manager

Here is a brief description of each position:
Description: Personal Trainers are responsible for client program design and supervision. Personal Trainers earn a base wage between $14 to $25 per hour while training, plus commissions from personal sales from re-signs and referrals for trainers who excel in customer satisfaction and retention, commissions can easily increase your effective rate to over $30 per hour. As an employee and not an independent contractor, Custom Built handles all insurance and tax concerns, and provides your clients for you. Top performers who demonstrate leadership ability will like be promoted to one of our upper-level management positions, including Club Fitness Director, Area Fitness Director, Regional Fitness Director, even National Fitness Director.

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