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I had an incredible experience with the course and all the people-mostly the instructors at NPTI. The course material was very aggressive and accelerated. If you are truly dedicated and devoted to being a personal trainer you will love the challenge of this course and just do it! The rewards at the end are well worth it. I felt that I received more than the value of the tuition I paid. The knowledge, the hands on experience, the incredible workouts and especially the people you meet along the way- it’s all priceless!

My experience at NPTI was awesome. Coming into the program after being a stay at home mom for 10 years was a bit humbling. The instructors, as well as the fellow students, made the transition easy and very exciting. I feel the knowledge gained from completing the course has fully prepared me for a great career in the fitness industry. My time and money has been well spent. I would recommend NPTI to anyone looking to become a personal trainer.

I’ve worked with NPTI instructor Shannon Przywara and her program to actively recruit talented fitness professionals looking to make their impact on the fitness industry. Post graduation, the applicants I have received can demonstrate good practical application of what they’ve learned in their program which helps them in our interview process. Many of the NPTI fitness professionals can train right away due to the hands on approach that the NPTI instructors take in their training development.

I am writing this letter as a very satisfied recent graduate from the NPTI program in Michigan. I was fortunate enough to be in one of the course tracks taught by Shannon Przywara. I cannot say enough about what an excellent program you have here in Michigan!

The personal training course that is taught through the National Personal Training Institute far exceeded my expectations. Looking back, the program was able to deliver exactly what was promised! I found that the curriculum and anatomy lessons that were taught were interesting and very challenging. As I begin my new career as a personal trainer, I now recognize even more the importance of having this knowledge base. Equally as impressive was the hands-on training experience taught through the practical component of the program. I believe that this experience truly separates the NPTI graduates from all others.

I greatly appreciate everything that the National Personal Training Institute has done to prepare me for my new career. As a new graduate, I am filled with excitement and see so many opportunities ahead of me. NPTI has been instrumental in providing me with the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to achieve whatever I set out to accomplish!

My name is Shannon S. Solomon and I was a student at the National Personal Training Institute in Rochester Hills, MI. I would like to take a moment of your time to express my great gratitude and appreciation to The National Personal Training Institute. I went into this program expecting to learn just the basic knowledge of nutrition and personal training. To my surprise this course has exceeded my expectations of what i thought the program would be like.

This program is very in depth, informative and covers all of the necessary areas to become a confident and successful personal trainer. My instructor Leah Veprauskas was very knowledgeable and helpful. I have learned so much in my year at the school, from fun and challenging program design, anatomy and physiology, and the business and marketing of being a personal trainer.

Again, I would like to thank The National Personal Training Institute for this great opportunity. I am ready to make a successful career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer.

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