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Become a Personal Trainer in Seattle, WA

NPTI WALocated just eleven miles outside of Seattle, Washington, the National Personal Training Institute in Bellevue, Washington is an ideal place to learn to become a professional personal trainer. You won’t find more highly skilled instructors that bring real-world experience to each lesson or better equipment on which to train anywhere in the Puget Sound region.

NPTI of Washington is a community made up of health, wellness and fitness leaders in the greater Seattle area. Our comprehensive integrative program is designed to produce graduates that are prepared to be the best personal trainers in the industry. We do this by immersing you in hands-on gym instructions where you work with the latest exercise equipment and techniques under the tutelage of our expert instructors.

This is augmented by highly engaging and practical classroom work where you learn the science of being a personal trainer. This spans everything from anatomy and physiology to nutrition and all aspects of creating and tailoring exercise and health programs for differing clients and populations. We also teach you the business aspects of being a personal trainer so that you have the necessary skills to be a savvy business leader in any personal fitness niche you choose.

NPTI fits your life schedule with part time and full time program paths.  You can choose the daytime 22-week option and be finished in less than 6 months. Or you can choose the 44-week part time day, or part time night/weekend option, and be finished in less than a years time. Multiple financing options make it affordable while placement assistance helps you achieve your first position as a professional.

Becoming a certified professional personal trainer at the National Personal Training Institute in Bellevue, Washington empowers you to earn a diploma that is highly respected by the health and fitness industry. In addition to your 440-hour program diploma in Personal Training that includes your CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certifications, you are poised to take additional certification exams like the NASM-CPT Certification.

At NPTI in Washington, you will develop the foundation for a successful career as a professional certified personal trainer. We help you harness the tools and the attitude that will transform your life as you help others achieve life-giving health and fitness goals. For more information, just contact Arik at [email protected].

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Located in North West Washington serving:

  • Seattle Metro Area
  • Renton, WA
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Everett, WA
  • Kent, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Seattle,WA

Choose from the following start dates to begin your career as personal fitness trainer or to enhance your skills and gain continuing education credits.

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Seattle, WA

(inside Crunch Fitness)

15600 NE 8th Street
Bellevue, WA 98008

Phone: 541-915-5875

Email: [email protected]

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